New Solutions for
New Ways of Learning

In recent years, distance learning has exploded, both in popularity and academic acceptance. This expansion, however, has brought with it brand new risks. Among these are challenges in verifying students from around the globe and providing them a safe and secure environment for learning.

Protect the Gates to Your Online Campus

Educational organization must continually guard the integrity of their programs. These institutions must comply with both accrediting agencies and the government. They must protect the privacy of their students. And they have to continually combat the dual threats of academic and financial fraud.

Fast, Flexible Verification Solutions

IDMERIT allows you to deliver the best in distance learning while still securing your students’ privacy. Our solutions allow you to quickly and easily verify your students, including those who are below the age of 18, new in the country and who speak a foreign language.

Benefits & Outcomes

Fortify Your Credibility

Demonstrate that you’re meeting proper accreditations and standards.

Counteract Academic Fraud

Ensure that all students are meeting the necessary academic requirements.

Reduce Financial Aid Fraud

Reduce the risk of fraudulent applications, claims and payments.

Meet Compliance Standards

Maintain compliance with both accreditation and regulatory agencies.

Protect Student Privacy

Provide your students with a safe, secure environment for learning.

Custom-Designed Solutions

Roll out improvements on-demand and tailor our solutions to your needs.

Flexible and Robust

Our solutions have excellent local rates and are multi-lingual for thin file demographics.

Easily Verify Photo Identities

Easily evaluate and verify photo identity at different stages of the authentication process.

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