Verification Solutions
For a World of Innovation

In a world of technological innovation, the discipline of engineering now touches businesses of all types. With increased reach, however, comes a vastly increased risk of fraud. IDMERIT’s verification solutions help you to combat that fraud, so you can deliver the advanced solutions your clients require.

A Complex Industry Breeds Complex Problems

With engineering processes now present in industries across the spectrum, the ability to accurately check the data sets across your firm’s projects and processes has now become paramount to reducing the risk of fraud. Failure to do so can resulting in potentially crippling losses and liabilities.

Prevent Fraud Across the Spectrum

Our solutions prevent false pricing in regard to: the estimation process, completion schedule, labor statistics, contract, insurance, finances, industrial regulations, and business permits and licenses. With IDMERIT, you can reduce the financial and reputational risk to both your firm and its partners.

Benefits & Outcomes

Fortify Your Credibility

Demonstrate that you’re meeting proper accreditations and regulatory standards.

Reduce Financial Fraud

Reduce the risk of fraudulent payments, RFP’s and transactions.

Custom-Designed Solutions

No matter what your needs are, we tailor our platform for your specific requirements.

On-Demand Roll-Out of Improvements

Our platform seamlessly integrates improvements on-demand and on your schedule.

Automate and Simplify Identity Verification

Identify legitimate contractors, workers, partners, and companies.

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