IDMVerify utilizes an API (REST) to access official data sources including credit files, voter data, motor vehicle data, mobile network subscriber data, passport registries, tax registries, census data, utilities, public records, and government data to provide global identity verification solutions. Our identity bureau covers over 90+ countries and includes identity data from some of the most challenging yet important areas across the globe including Brazil, China, India, Middle-East, and South Africa.


Over a decade of building in-country relationships around the world with premium data repositories has allowed us to provide direct access to a wide variety of sources that provide unrivaled match rates from a simple match (minimum of two sources) but often an all PII (Personal Identity Information) match (up to four sources) in each country.


For KYC and AML purposes, we can also offer a 2+2 match API that meets stringent regulatory compliance including FATF (Financial Action Task Force).

3.5 Billion +


90 +


15 +



Global Clients

Key Features

Accurate Identity Verification Results

Multiple Sources for Same Country/Region

Real Time Processing

Boutique Approach to Global Business

Reliable Regulatory Compliance

Flexible Configuration

Simple Application

Actionable Fraud Prevention Planning

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