Protection for a
Cross-Border World

Outsourcing has delivered greater efficiencies and higher cost savings to companies around the world. However, the cross-border nature of this business also poses tremendous risks. With data being across countries and entities, the need to protect against identity fraud has never been more important.

Globalized Identity Risks

Outsourcing covers a wide range of activities – from sending tasks and business processes to overseas providers all the way to relocating entire businesses to foreign countries. While these services save money and create greater efficiencies, the contracting of third parties also opens the door to potential fraud.

Manage Your Cross-Border Data

IDMERIT allows you to successfully navigate cross-border relationships that often occur among multiple companies, all of which may have very different data standards. Our platform allowing you to accurately vet third parties is critical to successfully managing your outsourcing resources, minimizing risk and saving money.

Benefits & Outcomes

Automate and Simplify Identity Verification

Identify legitimate contractors, workers, partners, and companies.

Seamless and Flexible Solutions

Our highly experienced team deploys solutions that give you the intelligence and flexibility to identify fraud.

Manage Risks and Costs

Fraud costs money and damages reputations. Our platform helps you mitigate risks across the board.

Free Up Lost Time

Fraud detection takes time. Our automated solutions allow you to focus your time where it’s most valuable.

Fortify Your Credibility

Demonstrate that you’re meeting proper accreditations and standards.

Reduce Financial Fraud

Reduce the risk of fraudulent payments, RFP’s and transactions.

Custom-Designed Solutions

No matter what your needs are, we tailor our platform for your specific requirements.

On-Demand Roll-Out of Improvements

Our platform seamlessly integrates improvements on-demand and on your schedule.

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