Mitigate the Risk of
Talent Acquisition

Today’s upwardly mobile society has resulted in a workforce which changes jobs – and zip codes – frequently. Combined with the ubiquity of everyone’s personal information, this has created an environment ripe for identity fraud. ID Merit’s Talent Management solutions help you minimize the risk of hiring fraudulent employees.

Make Sure Your Employees Are an Asset, Not a Liability

Our talent management fraud detection solutions help you to detect identity fraud so that you’re hiring legitimate employees and not ones which can put your company at risk. With our protections, you’ll be able to create a sustainable, high-performing organization capable of meeting operational and strategic objectives.

Find and Verify Legitimate Employees

Honesty is the best policy but not everyone lives by that Golden Rule. Employee fraud not only costs you money but puts your company into a liability risk situation. Dismissing an employee who is not who they say they are and then having to begin the process of re-recruitment costs businesses hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Simple resume embellishment in this highly competitive job market can lead to bigger problems of fraud later on.
Use Talent Management to conduct reliable ID checks and verifications worldwide online and in real time. Weed out unqualified candidates. Avoid the risk of employee fraud and false identity for both existing employees and prospects.

Benefits & Outcomes

Automate and Simplify Identity Verification

A simple, streamlined solution for verifying identities of current and potential employees.

Multi-Faceted Solutions

Our flexible platform checks the entire range of data related to an individual.

Authentic Background Reports

To prevent fraud, we provide a full report on the history and the background of an individual.

Increased Flexibility of Search Criteria

Our search protection tools allow you to customize users’ access to specific content.

Sophisticated Record Keeping

Maintain records associated with requirements for the identity verification and background of an individual.

Reduce Incidences of Fraud

Fraud does happen, but with our platform, you can greatly reduce it, saving you time and money.

Non-Intrusive Approach

Our platform allows you to work seamlessly and efficiently.

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